Why resort toFastArbitre ?

Stay focused on your business, we take care of your litigation

100% online procedure: secured, simplified et transparent

A reliable procedure: an award recognized in 149 countries

An economical and fast procedure: your award within less than 2 months

FastArbitre, how does it work?

Make your litigation & dispute resolution easier


The amicable phase gives you the opportunity to settle your dispute amicably with your opponent, before the appointment of an arbitrator.


If you have not resolved your dispute amicably, you can decide to start the arbitration phase..


When the arbitrator has all the elements he needs to render his decision, he ends the discussions and renders a pre-award which can then be commented by the parties. At the end of this last phase of discussion, the arbitrator renders his award.

Our arbitrators

Alice Pézard

Lawyer and international arbitrator, Honorary Advisor to the Supreme Court

Etienne Deshoulières

Avocat au barreau de Paris – Directeur de l’innovation chez Seraphin.legal – Chercheur associé à l’IRSJ

Jérôme Guisti

Avocat et associé fondateur chez Metalaw Avocats

FastArbitre is the best solution to organize  an efficient debt recovery. FastArbitre is different from a debt recovery company, because it allows you to get an enforceable arbitral award within less than two months.

Alice Pézard
Avocat et arbitre international, Conseiller honoraire à la Cour de cassation

Our arbitration clause

« Any dispute relating to this contract or in relation to this contract will be settled by arbitration in accordance with the FastArbitre rules of arbitration of the Digital Institute of Arbitration and Mediation. »


The FastArbitre arbitration fees are flat-rate and known in advance. They are fixed according to the nature of the dispute, according to the scale below. The tariff includes all the costs of the proceedings until the rendering of the arbitral award *.

* Not included in the tariffs are the possible expenses for experts, lawyers or bailiffs.

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